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In 1997 Blurb set out to be a new kind of PR agency - one which would help its clients to prosper, rather then chase the ‘cheap buck’.And that’s still our aim today. We think being fresh, smart, connected and committed is what makes us one of the UK’s most respected PR agencies.

Blurb PR offers a full range of PR and publicity services, and we tailor each campaign to meet your needs. We suggest the best approach to the market with your release and we constantly brainstorm to come up with the best campaign for you. We listen to you, learn about you and take on board your objectives and budget to create a bespoke package of services that deliver maximum success for your release.

As a PR agency, we live and breathe media relations. Coming from a music and media background, we have years of combined experience and a great portfolio of contacts in the industry. We are a collective of skilled public relations consultants with a focus on delivering brilliant media campaigns.

How do we differ from the others?

We provide detailed progress reports on how the campaign is going, including information as to which radio, press, review website and media outlets your music has been sent.

We believe that it is essential to work closely with our artists; we only take on music we like and that we feel has potential in the market place.

We generally take on artists that write their own material - preferably lyrically interesting - and have a cutting edge. We are very eclectic in our music tastes, as you can see by our past and present clients.

Gone are the days when the Majors rule the roost, but they are still there waiting in the wings to finance acts that create their own buzz, so it is important for artists create their own profile in the market. We can assist with this endeavor.


How it works

Firstly you send us your music, and subject to us liking what we hear, we then try to arrange a meet with you, possibly see a live show, discuss your options and requirements and then put forward a PR campaign proposal based on these discussions.


Services and areas of media we cover

Radio (Digital, National, Online, Regional, Student)

Press (National, Regional, Student)

Online (Review & Blog Sites, Listings, Publications)

Live/Event (Local media around shows)


Festivals (UK & European)

USA & Canadian University & College Radio (see below)




We don't have fixed costs for the above areas of UK media, as we tailor each PR campaign around your requirements and your budget.


Festival exposure to UK and European Festivals artist bookers

After listening to your music, we work out the best festivals to send your music, contact details and information. We then let them know that you will be in touch to inform them of your live shows, fan base and new releases. All the contacts and details for these festivals are sent to you in a spreadsheet - it’s then up to you to keep these files updated as they may consider you for a future booking.

One-off package: £350.00


USA and Canadian University Radio

We are in contact with over 200 University and Student Radio stations and their heads of music throughout the USA and Canada. We send releases and information about acts to these stations, then follow up to make sure that the music has been listened to, if possible. This campaign will last for four weeks. We will supply a full list of stations to which we have sent your music, and you will receive two reports during this campaign.

One month’s campaign: £300.00



And finally, a quote from Hunter S. Thompson, reflecting on the Corporate music business:

‘The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench,

a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free,

and good men die like dogs.

There's also a negative side.’


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